2015 Urban Beekeeping Course


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Urban beekeeping: Auckland

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Urban Beekeeping Course: Auckland

Whether you are a complete newbee with an interest in beekeeping, or someone who has purchased an urban hive and wants to top up on disease recognition and the monthly checklist, we can help!.

What's included in the course?

- 6 hours of beekeeping training covering every aspect of urban beekeeping.
- A free homemade lunch served in an award winning garden with the beautiful
humm of the bees in the background.

Do I need to bring anything?

You do not need to have any previous knowledge or experience with bees, this is a course for beekeeping in urban beehives with the express concern of getting anyone of any ability and age to learn about urban beekeeping from our very friendly experts.

Please make sure you bring a pen, pad, and jacket on the day.

When's the next course?

Held every Sunday in October at:
75 Godden Crescent,
Mission Bay,

The urban beekeeping course costs $120 per person and is free to existing beehive rental customers.

To book call us on 09 622 3055 or

I really enjoyed attending BeezThingz Bee Keeping Course in October 2015. Oliver and Julian are very supportive and knowledgeable. Their love of their subject is infectious and will rub off on you. The course is friendly and relaxed and allows you to gain knowledge to suit your needs no matter what level you are at. They will fit in to your situation and allow you to become involved at a pace that suits you. You can hire hives to get a feel of what bee keeping involves. And once you have bees around you will find they are no trouble - bees know what to do! - and a pleasure to behold.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Angela Lewis - Class of 2015

Schools - Apiary Interactive

Our qualified teacher and apiarist expert will deliver an interactive talk to your school and/or pre-school about buzzing honeybees and tasty, local honey. We can accommodate large and small classes either in your classroom or hall space, or by getting the kids outside to see the (closed) live display hive, frames of wax and frame of honey that we bring along for the kids to see and taste.

For more information about our Apiary Interactive for schools call us on 09 622 3055 or

Temporary Student Work - Apiary Intern

Here at Beezthingz we understand the curiosity that comes with growing up, and beekeeping is often a cause for intrigue. If you know a student, or are a student, who wants to learn about beekeeping we welcome you to join us on our servicing and harvesting rounds to learn on the job what it takes to become a beekeeper. To volunteer for this position call us on 09 622 3055 or