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Beehive Management in the Cloud

We provide a system for hive management that allows anyone to understand and manage the wellbeing of a single hive to thousands of hives. .
This system is ideal for anyone wanting to manage their own hives and hive sites on their own, or wanting to manage paying hive sites provided by BeezThingz.

Easy beezy.

1. Login or register using the the BeeNet login in the top right of any page on our website. You can find your login details in the email supplied when you register. Forgotten your details? Get in touch and we'll send out a new email to remind you.

2. This is your personal page, where you can now use our simple system to see your current and past hive updates and keep a track on your buzzing friends.

3. Feel at ease that you know what's going on with your hives. You can learn more about how you can help your bees and look after your hives in our how-to and info pages.

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